Monday, July 27, 2009

heavy heart

I've been trying to post for about two weeks now. Each time, something goes haywire with Blogger and it never publishes.

I really don't care though. If you want to know what is going on with me, then I will share with you a few things I have been praying for.

Nick Xiarhos was a close friend of my brother's. He was killed in Afghanistan at the end of last week. He and Matthew were deployed together last year in Iraq, but after returning he changed battalions so he would not have to extend his contract with the USMC. So, he departed in May for the tour in Afghanistan with the 2/8. My brother and Nick's other Marine brothers are all traveling together from Jacksonville, NC to Cape Cod, MA for his funeral at the end of the week. Please pray for this precious family. Please pray for our military. They are fighting for your freedom.

Sweet Stellan is having an awful time with his SVT again. His doctors are trying to figure out what is next. Please pray for his family.

Little Kate is six years old and has brain cancer. They did brain surgery and were able to remove 50% of the tumor and she has now begun chemotherapy. 4 weeks ago Kate was having tremors in her right hand so they took her to the doctor. That is the day their life changed.

My heart is heavy for these and so many others. Please go to your knees and lift these and all your requests to our heavenly father. Life is not easy. Jesus told us that in this world we would have trouble, but fear not, He has overcome this world. I wish there were some way to not hurt, but there isn't. I do know we don't have to walk this road alone, which I am so grateful for.

Our anniversary trip to Boston was wonderful. I cherish the time W and I had together. I love him dearly.

The children are well, just growing and playing and growing. T-Pup is officially signed up for soccer. Wow.

I've been watching this the past few days. Some think it is funny, and it is, but moreover I keep thinking of the joy in their hearts and the joy we will have when we dance before our King at the wedding banquet. When their is no hurt in our hearts. When we spend every moment of eternity in His presence. What a joyful day that will be.