Friday, March 27, 2009


Also, I wanted to mention little Stellan. You all know by now I love MckMama. Her smallest child, Stellan, has been in Children's since this weekend with SVT. This is the same condition he had in the womb. They have thus far not been able to break his heart out of SVT. Please pray for this sweet family. Jennifer is at the hospital with Stellan, and her husband and other friends are helping with the other three children.

Prayers for Stellan

TV/Book/Recipe Review

Before I forget, I wanted to share this: Caesar Pockets. Instead of using regular pitas, we used the Joseph's flax, oat bran, and whole wheat pita. They are a good bit thinner and aren't quite as bready. Anyway, they were wonderful, quick, and so easy. My kind of meal.

Also last night I made these speedy chicken enchiladas, and although they were wonderful they required two cans of soup...sodium! There were several amazing recipes for chicken enchiladas on all recipes, but I was running short on time and wanted the closest to my craving with the least amount of effort. I added enchilada sauce to the cheddar soup instead of the salsa and they were so good. Do any of you watch Little People Big World? Amy made some delicious enchiladas on Mondays episode and I'd been thinking about them ever since.

While on the subject of TLC programming...

I started and completed Multiple Blessings week before last...all in less than 36 hours. Wow. If you follow the show, you've probably heard most of the story. But what I loved was the part you don't necessarily hear about on the show: their faith! The subtitle on the book is something like "from surviving to thriving" and I'm sure we've all felt like that in our walk with the Lord at times. This book was an encouragement, two thumbs up!

Also recently, I started catching a few episodes of 18 Kids and Counting. I'd seen it a few times before, but never really followed the Duggars. Well a few months ago I saw an episode during which Michelle (the mom of the 18) was trimming Grandpa Duggars hair. Grandma Duggar was standing there, and Michelle began praising her. She essentially thanked her for always encouraging and never tearing down, for always being there and faithful. I started weeping! Now I confess, I am known to cry at the drop of a hat, but this hit my spirit. I want to be that kind of woman, that kind of wife and mother. Always building up. Not just like 'ole grandma, but like Michelle too, and noticing those strengths in others - and encouraging them in those things.

I mentioned this to W, and he you know... nodded and gave me a "yeah, I agree... that's good" type response. He then proceeded to order the Duggars book for me (unbeknownst to me), The Duggas: 20 and Counting. I'm about halfway through it, and although I haven't zipped through it as I did Multiple Blessings, it has nuggets of gold within it. They talk a lot about their family business endeavors and not going into debt, and so far have chronicled that with the upbringing of their family.

If you judge them on their conservative dress or long hair, then you're missing out. Their hearts are beautiful. Ultimately they want to raise their children to love the Lord and each other. My heart is the same.

So, I had no real intention of analyzing TLC's Monday and Tuesday night lineup, but there ya go. T-Pup watches Jon and Kate with me, and Little People Big World and 18 Kids I watch by myself... usually on the nights W is studying/already in bed and so are the children.

I don't know about you, but I can appreciate wholesome television!

Today is March 27; one more month of school for W! His last final is on my birthday, one month from today! Praise God!

Oh.... and I can't wait for lunch to eat a leftover enchilada!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My ladies.

Gretchen and I

Sara and I

Not me!

I haven't played Not Me! Monday in a while, so I thought I would partake this week. Here are a few things I in fact did not do this past week.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not travel to the big city to shop at a lovely natural grocery called Trader Joe's. I did not buy a few things I'd been thinking about for a while in a quest to make our diet slightly healthier.

Therefore, the next morning, I did not make multigrain (+ground flaxseed) pancakes. My children did not love them, and I did not feel overly proud at my little accomplishment.

I did not go to a womens retreat this weekend and leave my children for the first time. I did not cry an hour into my driving and then finally feel peaceful.''

I was not excited to see so so so many of my long distance friends. I also was not excited to see women from the church W and I went to in college.

I did not begin weeping the instant worship began. I was not overwhelmed with the sweet presence of the Lord.

Nor, in all [vulnerable] honesty did I lay on my face in the alter for a long amount of time simply weeping at the feet of my Father. I was not a snotty mess, nor was my face swollen the next morning.

I am not grateful for the testimony of the women who led the conference.

I did not miss Shelby in an earnest way.

I did not stay up until 2 in the morning Friday night talking to a dear friend about all of the past few years.

I did not leave the conference a few hours early to come back home and hug my sweet family. I was not entirely grateful to my husband for blessing me with his service. I also was not elated to see he bought me a new vacuum cleaner while I was gone.

Yep, all of this is Not Me! The Lord knows just what we need when we need it. He was so kind to refresh me with His presence. It also was not the first time I had been to a church other than my own in 3.5 years. Wow!

Monday, March 2, 2009

$3 Craft

All things considered, the wood "S" was $1 and the pink ribbon with green polka dots was $1.97. I already had the green paint and shlack. I also bought a hot glue gun for $5, but I don't include that in this craft; we can use it for bookoos of other things around the house. I actually can't believe we didn't already have one.

Once I put the bows on the ribbons, I realized I should have spaced them out more and not cut the ribbon so short. On the flip side, I still have 90% of the ribbon left and if our stock in hairbows grows, I can take the shorter ones off and glue some longer ones on.

Just thought I would share!

While I was doing this last night (everyone was asleep at 9 except me) I was watching Extreme Home Makeover. The wife of the family who got the new house has a photography business, specifically for premature babies. Doing small (even $3) artsy things is therapy for me... I love it. I got to thinking about this precious family on the show (whose home had been flooded) and this family who had little Jonah last Friday who is very ill and also sweet Bonnie who tragically lost her husband Thomas last month and has a two year old, plus is almost 4 months pregnant. My heart became overwhelmed. I have been praying for them each time I think of them. What I then began to ponder was the goodness of God. I thank Him for His goodness in my life, but I know these precious others thank Him for His goodness also. It then became real to me; His goodness is not circumstantial, It is who He is. Though I so often fear the things that could happen to me or to my family, this I now realize: no matter what, He is good.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day

You know snow is a luxury for us in the south. Since moving from south AL to middle TN I've experienced a bit more snow than than growing up, but it is still a big deal 'round these parts. From the "winter storm" the past 24 hours, we got about 6" of snow. This is the second largest amount I can remember from my entire lifetime. Lord help me if we ever move north!

At any rate, we had a blast. W went on to church and the children and I went to his parent's house. They have several acres, therefore more snow than us. We had so much fun. W's dad made a nearly 5' tall snowman. I actually attempted to help but mine snowball turned into a large looking snow marshmallow. We got the sled out and to my surprise, Sam loved it. If I can figure out how to upload a video then I will share that. Maybe I'll post more pics soon, but here is what I can do right now.