Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day

You know snow is a luxury for us in the south. Since moving from south AL to middle TN I've experienced a bit more snow than than growing up, but it is still a big deal 'round these parts. From the "winter storm" the past 24 hours, we got about 6" of snow. This is the second largest amount I can remember from my entire lifetime. Lord help me if we ever move north!

At any rate, we had a blast. W went on to church and the children and I went to his parent's house. They have several acres, therefore more snow than us. We had so much fun. W's dad made a nearly 5' tall snowman. I actually attempted to help but mine snowball turned into a large looking snow marshmallow. We got the sled out and to my surprise, Sam loved it. If I can figure out how to upload a video then I will share that. Maybe I'll post more pics soon, but here is what I can do right now.

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Anonymous said...

oh my how cute are they :)

I"ll have to show you pics of our snow as well :)

are we still on for lunch on thurs?