Thursday, January 26, 2012


Once again, months have passed since I've last updated. The pattern is clearly evident! A blogger, I am not. A wife, mother, first grade teacher, cook, laundry mat, chauffeur...I am. And now, I have another title. Dog mother, doggie mamma, cleaner of dog get the point. Meet the Duke of Cambridge

He is a 1 year, almost 8 month old dog. We rescued him from a local shelter. And though I'd love to tell you he is some pure bred, fancy pants pup...he is a mut. You can see some beagle in him and maybe a bit of hound. We can tell by his actions he was definitely in the wild before being in the shelter. He hasn't quite grasped the concept that we will feed him and take care of him. He still feels the need to eat rocks and pounce after rabbits and birds. 

W makes me so mad...he is the Duke Whisperer. He works with him on training daily and they are wrapped around each others fingers (er, paws). Me on the other hand, I love him. But in the day time I can only meet his basic needs...not much extra time for doggie boot camp.

T-Pup and Sam are smitten with him. They are so thankful to finally have a pup. Sam often calls him "Dukie" which makes me giggle. I think back to my 7th grade art class. We were assigned to recreate a CD cover. My choice? The "Dookie" album from Green Day. Each time she calls him "Dukie" I think of my primitive recreation of this picture:

Charming, right? I don't think my junior high years were my best.

So meet the newest member of our family. Official family photo coming Christmas card, 2012.