Monday, July 29, 2013

Sky Wire Live

One day last fall (probably around the time I wrote my last blog, ha) our family sat not so patiently in front of the TV for a few hours, watching a man rise up 24 miles above the earth with the goal of jumping from the edge of space. Which he did. And to our cheers, he landed perfectly on his feet. I think the program was titled "Space Jump Live."

So, earlier this summer when I saw a similar program on the Discovery Channel called "Sky Wire Live" I was immediately hooked and pressed record. It was a few weeks later that we sat down to watch and what I witnessed has not left me. I sat there with our family and wept the entire time.

If you are reading this, I highly encourage you to watch at least part of the video. I'm certain there are those with a critical spirit who will question his faith or denomination, but look past it. Go deeper. Here is a man who is (yes, voluntarily) in a perilous situation yet nothing but praise flows from his mouth. There is such a lesson to be learned in that. Whether you're in a place or peril or peace, praise the one who gives you life.

The disciples were amazed. "Who is this man?" they asked. "Even the winds and waves obey him!" Matthew 8:27