Monday, February 23, 2009

less of me

I don't know how well you can see Sam's shirt, but it says "Marine Corps Devil Pup." Infantry members of the USMC are often affectionately referred to as "Devil Dogs." My brother was sweet enough to bless my little ones with this USMC wear for Christmas, so I took these pictures to make a card for him for his 22nd birthday, which is tomorrow. He, however, never sent me his address so he will be viewing them online as opposed to via snail mail. Am I the only old fashioned one left who loves sending/receiving a good old letter or card through the USPS?

At any rate, you can see Sam walking a bit! She is getting stronger at walking each day; although these days she much prefers a half walk/half crawl thing with one foot and one knee... which in my opinion takes more effort than walking.

Did you realize that W and I are not only approaching our 5th wedding anniversary, but our 5th anniversary of being in full time ministry also? Just as we're looking forward to a small getaway for our wedding anniversary, I'm thinking of a small getaway for ministry as well. As Christians we're each called to daily pick up our cross, which is not what I'm referring to getting away from (just in case you were wondering). In these past few years I know I have often drawn from myself as opposed to from the Lord, and now that I have realized some of my strengths and weaknesses in ministry, I feel like I can more adequately let the Lord show me more in these areas.

Here we go people, here is my "getaway"... Less of me, more of Him. I'm getting away from myself. I am shutting up. We are around people a lot who talk about problems and diseases of the church, and I am no longer (for a season...or forever?) going to be a part of it. I simply want to walk daily with my Lord and live in love and obedience to Him.

I am getting away from my thoughts and opinions and simply taking one day at a time. Speak, for your servant is listening. Teach me today oh God; allow me to love you, to love my husband and children, and show them your love as well.

One day at a time.

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Anonymous said...

i looooooooove the pic :) and yay for less of you... ok i mean that sounds mean but you know that I totally get you haha so it wasn't meant to be mean at all :)

love you chica