Monday, February 9, 2009

dinner is a cookin'

W and I are having frozen dinners tonight. Not just any frozen dinner though; chicken tika masala! Here's the thing... I love Indian food. I love eating it. But when it comes frozen in a box, I begin to get a little skeptical. I have a bit more assurance though because the dinners came from Whole Foods, which we all know as reputible. We also have frozen naan (the flat bread for you non-Indian eaters). I told W I'd make his first, and if it was too off the charts for me I would most definitely skip out on the frozen Indian. I'm not ashamed to make a PBJ my friends.

While on the subject of our dinner, I'm making the children chicken and crash potatoes. I only tell you because you need to check out the crash potatoes because they are amazing. I may have PBJ and crash potatoes if the inevitable happens.

I thought about posting a not me Monday, but eh... not feeling it. The only thing I could think of was the fact that I drove 30 miles to a nearby town with a great discount shoe store to find that it is closed on Mondays. Oh the joy. But, it was a beautiful ride and T-Pup pointed out every farm animal he saw (do I need to remind any of you that in spite of the economy agriculture is well and alive in this area?).

We live in a pasture people. I'm waiting for my curious son to ask "Mommy, why is that cow jumping on that other cow?". I know it's coming.

And if you have continued reading my random thoughts this far care I am going to the eye doctor on Thursday. I have no idea where my glasses have traveled to and my vision has changed drastically I'm sure. When I sit at my new computer I have to scoot back to fully see the screen but then I can't reach the mouse. It kind of leaves me in this half-macarena awkward pose. It's lovely.

If I don't write for a long time, maybe I consumed the tika masala and it got the best of me. Let's hope not.

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Anonymous said...

LOL Michelle thanks for posting the crash potoatoes those look amazing, I must try them soon!!!! In fact maybe tonight!

How was dinner?