Monday, March 2, 2009

$3 Craft

All things considered, the wood "S" was $1 and the pink ribbon with green polka dots was $1.97. I already had the green paint and shlack. I also bought a hot glue gun for $5, but I don't include that in this craft; we can use it for bookoos of other things around the house. I actually can't believe we didn't already have one.

Once I put the bows on the ribbons, I realized I should have spaced them out more and not cut the ribbon so short. On the flip side, I still have 90% of the ribbon left and if our stock in hairbows grows, I can take the shorter ones off and glue some longer ones on.

Just thought I would share!

While I was doing this last night (everyone was asleep at 9 except me) I was watching Extreme Home Makeover. The wife of the family who got the new house has a photography business, specifically for premature babies. Doing small (even $3) artsy things is therapy for me... I love it. I got to thinking about this precious family on the show (whose home had been flooded) and this family who had little Jonah last Friday who is very ill and also sweet Bonnie who tragically lost her husband Thomas last month and has a two year old, plus is almost 4 months pregnant. My heart became overwhelmed. I have been praying for them each time I think of them. What I then began to ponder was the goodness of God. I thank Him for His goodness in my life, but I know these precious others thank Him for His goodness also. It then became real to me; His goodness is not circumstantial, It is who He is. Though I so often fear the things that could happen to me or to my family, this I now realize: no matter what, He is good.


Melanie said...

I love it girl!!!!
and girl there is a family I've been praying for all day, it just breaks my heart... I blogged about it!

Hugs said...

So cute!!