Sunday, October 21, 2012

Psalm 57:10

Yesterday our family met up with some sweet family friends at a pumpkin patch in Franklin. The drive was amazingly beautiful. (And long. I now recognize that going anywhere from our new town is like going to Grandmother's house...over the river and through the woods!) 

There were several moments on the way though that I was just captivated by God's creation. In the past two weeks, there have been several deaths between our former and current community. The beauty of the day yesterday was a gentle reminder that even in trial, God is still God, and good. The blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and autumn trees were breathtaking. 

After several hours of exploring the pumpkin patch, my friend B and I took our girls into an old barn while the boys went through the corn maze. The barn was adorable and had little activity centers for the younger children. As I walked in, I saw this hanging on the wall.


My heart was overwhelmed at yet another reminder of His goodness. I'm not sure which version of Psalm 57:10 this is (the closest I can find is Amplified) but I absolutely love it. 

So thankful for His love and the reminders He gives us.

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Stephanie Trapp said...

Your cloud picture and that verse...simply wow. I love how He speaks to us sometimes in the quietest of ways. I had to know where that beautiful version of that verse came from and found it in The Message translation. Thanks so much for sharing! I think I'll look at clouds a bit differently now. :)