Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wild Wild West Week

"Hello, are you there?" is what I feel like someone, somewhere is asking me. My response, "I think so."

Whirlwind. Or, as Will Ferrell would say in Kicking and Screaming, whirling dervish. But I think he was referring to the kids and not to his situation. So, I guess our week has been as a whirling dervish. Point made?

W and I did something on Saturday that we have never done before in our near 5 years of marriage. We bought furniture. Everything in our home has been given to us. We have been so incredibly blessed beyond measure by people who love us. We look forward to the day when a newlywed couple enters our lives and we can show the same kindness we've been shown.

The delivery was scheduled for Wednesday.

On Monday, both of our children came down with some virus. I don't think it was from a swine, but what it produced out of their little bodies was similar to what you may find in a pin of swines. Since that point I have been tending to them. I even forgot to shower until Wednesday.

The virus apparently finished its course on Thursday. This was the scene of our living room all week.

I mentioned we got new furniture, right? Well, we donated all of what was being replaced to our church yard sale. The thing was, the new furniture was being delivered Wednesday. The men from the church couldn't come until Thursday. I can honestly say I loved being able to lay on my bed and watch TV at the same time. I now understand why people have televisions in their bedroom, although I still love that we do not.

Here is a sneak peek of our yet to be decorated lovely new bedroom. I love it.

We are going shopping for a comforter/coverlet/quilt/whatever this afternoon. Quite frankly I'm just excited about getting out of the house and that our children are healthy. Not in that order.

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