Monday, September 14, 2009

Catch Up

Let's play catch up! T-Pup turned 4. Wow. Where has the time gone? My little man is literally becoming a little man. His heart is growing and his will is strengthening. From what I can tell this is typical of all four year olds!

He loves to play outside on his "wobbly scooter" and pick up bugs. Recently this almost included a live snake, but his mommy thought it may not be a good idea considering we didn't know what kind of snake it was. The snake problem took care of itself as one of his soccer teammate's father accidentally ran over the snake with his vehicle. Let me tell you, I didn't think it would crunch. I may have thrown up a little.

My little Sam is turning into quite the two year old. She is beginning to talk up a storm and let her
opinion be known often. She is a girly girl, wanting a bow in her hair first thing in the morning, but loves to play in the dirt and collect rocks from the road. She is also turning into quite the Daddy's girl. W doesn't seem to mind one bit!

School has started back so W is in his routine of school, commute, and work again. Not always in that order, ha! He amazes me with all that he does. And he never complains, which in itself amazes me. I couldn't be more proud of who he is and what he does.

And me? Well, in between dirty diapers, folding laundry, and reading Jane Austen, well, those hours are called sleep. Haha! I really feel like I can never stay caught up on everything. If my laundry is all done, there is a bathroom that needs to be cleaned. If the bathrooms are all cleaned, there is a ceiling fan to be dusted. Wait, I need to go unload the dishwasher real quick too. Hear me out: I am not complaining! I love that I am able to stay home with our children, and consider it a joy. I just wish I could manage everything a little bit better.

I started doing Pre-K homeschool with T-Pup a few weeks ago. We are loving it. This morning for example, we spent the whole time doing "school" in our pajamas. But, we got it done! It is now 2:35 and I have yet to put the breakfast dishes away, but I have spent valuable time with my children today. And have dinner taken care of (extra points!). The families with so many children amaze me, because they have all the older children to help. I think it has to be the hardest when you have several small children and it's all on you. In those moments of being so overwhelmed seem to be when the Lord speaks to me the most.

So, that is a small catch up on our little brood. I could write more about several things, but maybe saving it will bring you back for more :) haha. One quick story. Last week I was buckling Sam into her carseat as I told T-Pup to get into his, and put his arms in his straps. As I continued buckling Sam, T-Pup was playing with toys in the floor of the vehicle. I said to him "What did I tell you to do?" and he replied "Can't you just be patient with me?" Haha. I had to laugh because how many times do I tell him to be patient for me? Hope you all are doing well and seeking Him.

What would you name this photo?!


Melanie said...

love the pics michelle!!!

thanks for the updates :) how's t pup loving soccer? :) I wanna come see him play, maybe Melissa and I can make a trip out of it soon! :)

Amanda Kaye Bain said...

Picture :" Don't make me come in there" :)

Together We Save said...

Picture: I think I can make it.