Monday, September 28, 2009


I don't know about you, but for me Autumn brings a whole new level to cooking. Soup and chili become more acceptable, and things you don't want in the summer you suddenly do now.

I may or may not have already made potato cheese soup and chili in the past two weeks. Surely one wouldn't be that excited to bring some warmth in.

I say all of this to say I'm in a slump. A cooking slump. I have 4 very opinionated eaters in my house, including myself. One of which is currently only eating apples and turkey bacon along with a sippy cup of milk.

I'm trying to be creative for my crew, but am at a loss. Tonight? Well, I have some thawed ground beef... but spaghetti? Eh... tacos? Not so much... Hamburger helper? Please don't make me revisit the meals of my childhood.

I saw this meal last week on Kelly's blog and decided to try it out:

Olive oil and lemons were on the bottom, then the green beans, potatoes, and chicken were coated in an olive oil/juiced lemon/salt/pepper/garlic-(which I forgot) mixture. W and I ate it, but my children would not come close.

Any meal ideas that are go-to meals for your family?


Melanie said...

hey that dish looks like something i saw on other blog *wink*

thanks for the comment on my post- I was just having a rough morning :) but it's been a bit better this afternoon!

and thanks for the text!!! it cracked me up :) you rock!

love you girlie- hope your day is going well!

michelle said...

I so meant to reference Kelly! I'll try to amend that tomorrow. Tonight, bed!

Hugs said...

That looks amazing! Send me the recipe. I have a really good meat sauce with cheese tortellini recipe if you're interested. Oh, and a good salmon recipe but I know how you feel about fish so...ehh...??? Let me know. :)