Monday, October 19, 2009

In which I use the word "dentist" a few times.

I have been awful about updating lately; consequently, this will be a smorkus board of random thoughts. I even told myself that I would not in fact blog today for my to-do list is as long as the Autobahn. I began to get my ironing pile ready when I heard T-Pup jump from an unknown location to his bed. I then grabbed the laptop and now am monitoring his kangaroo tendancies while I update the blog.

Where to start? Ah, yes... Dental Drama.

About two years ago I had a root canal done. I went into the office all but kicking and screaming saying "just don't say root canal." For one reason or six, I never had the tooth crowned. So about six weeks ago I find myself with excruciating pain. I hypnotize myself back to the doorway of dentistry doom and go figure, the root canal tooth. I was so much in denial that I started laughing hysterically, but I think Dr. Dentist thought I was crying because he handed me a tissue and patted my shoulder.

I then went to Dr. Dandy Dentist (better known as the Endodontist) who said only after a course in Endodontics 101 that I did in fact need re-treatment.

I then went to the waiting room and curled up in the fetal position and cried "why me?" for approximately 3 minutes. Just kidding. Maybe.

So the next week I go back to Dr. Dandy Dentist and darling dental assistant encouraged me and even patted my shoulder during the shots. Then I met my true love who shall be known Mr. Nitris (also known as Mr. Nose). Where has he been my whole life? Why couldn't I have him during childbirth? Or family gatherings?

Turns out because of Mr. Nitris, darling dental assistant, Dr. Dandy Dentist and plenty of grace from God the 3 hour procedure all but flew by. And they even gave me coconut lip balm.

The next week I go back to Dr. Dentist for the crown-frown process. I just feel to young to have this done. They all but erase my tooth then put some temporary crown resembling a chicklet over my tooth and tell me to come back in a few weeks to have the permanent one put on. Turns out I went back the next day because said chicklet came off while I was having my morning cup of get me going coffee.

The next one they put on came off last week while I was eating pumpkin bread. So, I frantically borrowed a tube of Fixadent from W's grandmother and squished the thing back on. Um, eww. Will I borrow her Preparation H next?

I refuse to go back until my permanent is in. Sadly this means I haven't had a piece of gum in six weeks and my mental age has gone from late twenties to early sixties.

And we have invested approximately 23% of our children's college fund into ONE tooth. Here's to hoping for scholarships.

The End of Dental Drama.

Since that took so much effort I guess I'll save the rest for another day or possibly month.

*Updated to add IT.IS.FINISHED. Dr. Dentist called me yesterday and had the permanent crown. I am amazed. And possibly not hating dentistry as much now... possibly...

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