Sunday, January 31, 2010

Straight to my heart

A woman that I love and respect wrote this. I pray the Lord will speak to you through it as He did to me.

The Power of the Word

All of us have things (fears, insecurities, strongholds, etc. etc.) that we deal with on an ongoing basis or at least a season basis. We all start thinking about losing weight more seriously in the spring as we think toward that beach vacation, right??? We deal with feelings of loneliness or despair at holidays or birthdays possibly?? We deal with fears associated with a certain family relationship or event? I could go on and on with the scenarios, but the bottom line is that we all have "things" that we deal with, work through, or just endure until it is over.
Just this past month I have had to grab hold of the Word like I haven't had to in a long time. My thoughts and fears of childbirth once again began to wrap around my neck like a noose and try to strangle out anything I had conquered before in this area. I had so many people praying for me which was awesome. On my own though, I had to dig in and find a place of peace with God in my mind, my heart, and my spirit. This is not always easy to do because we have an enemy. Did you hear me? We have an enemy. His plans are to totally disarm us and to tuck our tails and run with fear. This is exactly what David was doing in 1 Samuel 21. He was running....running for his life from King Saul at this time. He was one scared young man and rightly so. The fear is real, no doubt. It is just what we do with it. David comes to Nob to the priest and starts asking for food for he and his men. Ahimelech, the priest, informed him that he had no bread there other than "The Presence...." the holy bread. Ha Ha Ha. This makes me laugh out loud. There is nothing we can feed ourselves with, no magazine articles, no Dr. whoever book, no "think myself happy" that will feed us and satisfy us rather than the presence of God, the very bread of God Himself. Then David asks if the priest has any weapons there. Ahimelech's response to this question is somewhat astounding, "The sword of Goliath the Philistine, whom you killed in the Valley of Elah is here;...." What??? Come on!! The very weapon that David had used once before to cut off the head of his enemy, not to mention the enemy of his family members and his nation. The weapon, the sword we have is The Word... "it is living and active, and sharper than any two edged sword, it penetrates even to the dividing of soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." Hebrews 4:12 And the beauty of it is this....we have used it before, many times I'm sure, to defeat the enemy. We know it works, we've seen the fruit of it, we've seen the power of it. I encourage you today, my sisters and friends, to use this weapon. Read it, memorize it, meditate on it, quote it to yourself and to the devil, quote it to your children and husband. It will begin to renew your mind and brighten your outlook. It will empower you to know that you can rise above these thoughts, feelings, and circumstances. I know for me it was such a lifesaver these past few weeks. It took me from turmoil to trust within hours. It took me from pessimism to peace. It is a mighty weapon and all we have to do is take it up and use it


Stephanie Trapp said...

I really needed to be reminded of the necessity of reading, speaking, memorizing, living in God's Word. So many times I try to handle things in my own strength. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Melanie said...

This is a great word. Id never "noticed" those things in the story of david running from saul so what a great observation.

woot for learning more about the Word and growing closer to Him! To God be the glory!