Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've started about 5 different blogs in my mind, yet can't seem to get them typed out. Upcoming (meaning you know, coming up in the next YEAR) I'd love to write about:

-My first DIY refinishing furniture experience for Sam's new room. (Her room, it's PINK! PINK, Mama!)

-I deleted Facebook. Clearly the world must be coming to an end.

-We're officially a home educating family! It's going great!

-Your words are weapons.

-And the fifth must have had something to do with a little thing called my children. They're growing up before my eyes.

We'll see which posts come out when... they are in no particular order! Hope to hear from some of my abandon Facebook friends, too. Don't lurk, let me know you're there.

What's cooler than having your picture made with a cardboard fire cow?


Melanie said...

love the pic of your babies! they are growing up so fast :( I bet they wont even remember me :( Kyley still asks me when Thomas is coming back to see addison and connor so she can play with him!!! LOVE YOU! and I can't wait to see these posts so get on them quick like!(i know i know like i'm one to talk, i'm in a hiatus/writers block moment myself)

Douglas said...

Michelle, have I ever told you that when I was stuck at home with my broken leg, I read your blog EVERYDAY and have been hummed lately at the lack of new posts. So please keep posting stuff. And me reading your blog everyday can be our little secret, people would probably call me a creep or something. You know how people are.