Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sugar, teeth and Jesus

I am over the top excited right now. Let me preempt it with this... it doesn't take much to get me excited. But this, this is HUGE! As of December 1, all of our dental work is now covered by our insurance. We have paid for 2 (TWO!) root canals (on the same tooth, nonetheless) out of our pocket. Those were some drawn out payment plans. Then, paid for a crown out of our pocket. If you're wondering, that's about 3K total. We realized with our children getting bigger we needed dental insurance. So, alas the one year waiting period is over. T-Pup is getting a cavity filled on Thursday and we have to pay a grand total of $25. And all of God's people said AMEN.

Speaking of God's people, this is who I hung out with this past weekend.

I was so privileged to go to Deeper Still with Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore. And 14,000 women. I am still processing all that was spoken, but wow... the Lord knows what we need, when we need it. The hardest part of being in ministry to me is that you constantly pour into others, but it's not always reciprocated. I am grateful for a chance this past weekend that I could sit and be poured into.It was neat, in my prayer time last week I told the Lord I felt like my cup (Psalm 23:5) was empty. I long for it to be running over, but often times it seems like there is a small hole or 20 in the sides. At one point during the worship Saturday morning there was a picture of a glass on the jumbo tron with raining pouring into it until it overflowed. That was a precious moment. I feel like I've been challenged now to stay in His presence more to keep that cup full.

Before the event started Friday night, my sweet friends that I went with and myself ate at a restaurant called Brio. I had their Fettuccine Napoli which was divine. Then, heaven kissed earth. All of their desserts come in these little shot-glass type things. And they are all $2.50. I love me some dessert, but usually don't want to spike up the bill. $2.50 though, I could spring for. I had caramel creme brulee. LORD HAVE MERCY I about died in that moment. It was absolutely divine, perfect, lovely all at the same time. The flavor was strongly reminiscent of the dulce de leche ice cream I constantly ate in Costa Rica. Here is a picture that doesn't do it justice.

Phenomenal. Absolute perfection.

So, I'm feeling good this week. Spent some much needed time with the Lord, ate a divine dessert, and have 100% dental insurance. How's your week shaping up?


Stephanie Trapp said...

I just had to laugh when I read your post because I'm sitting here right now with half of my mouth numb from just having dental work done...with no dental insurance. :) So I can totally understand what a huge blessing dental insurance is and I'm so happy for you! Yea! It's so awesome to see God's provision in our lives!

Melanie said...

:) praise the lord for good insurance!!!!