Thursday, September 8, 2011

1st Grade Update

We are playing catch-up this week in 1st grade. Last week held several crazy days so we got off schedule. We are working on week 5 again this week and honing in on the reading and language, which just so happen to be T-Pup's least favorite. 

With one full month behind us, I'm feeling great about our schedule and routine. If we plow through the curriculum without stopping, we'll be finished in February.  February! So, I think review weeks like this one are important. Plus it's nice to ease off the subjects that are easier for T and spend extra time in the areas that need work. 

We finished reading Charlotte's Web two weeks ago, and celebrated by a field trip to a farm. I was not disappointed that we didn't see Charlotte or Templeton! We've since started Homer Price by Robert McCloskey. Oh, we are loving every second of reading about Homer and his adventures! Make Way for Ducklings has always been one of our favorites, so it's great to continue reading from Robert McCloskey. I love seeing T-Pup develop a love of literature (notice I can't yet say 'a love of reading').

I am thrilled to be using Sonlight and am so glad we made the investment. It is thorough and has been a breeze to work with. A huge benefit is that we'll only have to replace the consumable pack (worksheets and time-line) when Sam gets to 1st grade. 37 books to be reused as many times as needed!


Hugs said...

Love this update. So fun to hear about T's schooling experience.

megan stout said...

yaaaaay school! love you me shell!