Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding Recap

 It is  HUGE deal to drink OJ  from a wine glass.

 Sam and her SuSu.
 T-Pup and Baino.
 W and Emmy.
 My babies. Who without my permission are not babies anymore.

 "Do you like my pretty pink fingernails?"
 "I look like Captain Cook from Mr. Popper's Penguins. Way too fancy for me, Mom."
 Sam wanted to wear a pink flower girl dress. We had to convince her that she and Kathryne would be the only ones in white, which was a super special thing.
 Britt, Em, myself.
 Em and myself.
 Susan, Emmy, myself at the reception.
We danced the night away...this picture is sans Dougie (where were you when we took this?)

So, when you're in youth ministry long enough, something inevitable starts to happen. They start to get married. Which I would contest we have not been in youth ministry long enough for such an event, but behold...photographic evidence that we have.

Kathryne, the bride, was a sophomore in high school when we moved here. She has held a special place in our hearts ever since then. Her relationship with the Lord is enviable. As I told Kath, when I grow weary of teenage girl drama within the youth group, that is when I remember her and pray that other young women would fall in love with their Creator as she has.

It was so surreal being surrounded by youth from the past six years...who are, without my permission, actually not youth anymore. It was so neat to see the different seasons they are all in now, and begin praying for them as adults.

And as it turns out? I cannot dance. I can do this little step left-step right-snap my fingers-bounce my head thing, but really... it stops there. Which is slightly less than a convulsion. I felt like the guys in "Night at the Roxbury." But even with my primitive moves, it was such a fun night.

I absolutely cannot wait to see the official wedding photos, because I just so happen to have a slightly obsessed website stalking relationship with the photographers. Who are amazing. I want to get married again (to my same husband, preferably) just so they can shoot the wedding. Check them out yourselves: Armosa Studios

And this post would not be complete without sharing about the amazing women I met through the wedding, Kath's bridesmaids. This past summer we had a bachelorette weekend and I got to know a few of them. You learn a lot about a person by their friends... which, to no surprise, were amazing. They each have a precious love of the Lord (and for Kathy!) and zeal for life. It does nothing short of encourage me to see those younger than me seeking the Lord and His will for their lives wholeheartedly. And they can dance like pros...which clearly the Lord is calling them to teach me some moves. Because I lack, remember? :)

This picture is missing the majority of the girls, but I'll link up as soon as the profesh photos are online.

This concludes the wedding of the year post. Thanks Kathryne and Luke for allowing us to be a part of your special day. We love you guys.


Hugs said...

So fun! You're right...not babies anymore. :(

megan stout said...

yaaaaay the wedding wes and tera shot! i know you were looking forward to it greatly :) love you so much meshell!