Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gardening Update

Big progress on our gardening front! Take a look at our cucumbers and tomato plants! 

An incredibly generous gentleman at our church, Mr. L, is teaching me the ropes of gardening. I've wanted to learn for several years now, but honestly just didn't know where to start. He is a brave soul for taking on this crew! Here is T raking out some rocks.

Sam spreading the spinach seeds. Her itty-bitty hands were the perfect size for this job!

The hard workers after the job was done!

And yours truly getting the tiller back to the shed. Mr. L actually let me till the spinach rows, but we didn't get any pictures of that lest the tiller run away from me and disaster strike!

So far we have our tomato and cucumber seeds growing inside, and outside we've helped plant potatoes and spinach. Mr. L has planted more potatoes, onions, and english peas.
In other news, have you heard of the game Draw Something? A former classmate of W's tweeted her user name for the game, so out of curiosity I looked it up on the app store. I went ahead and purchased it, and have had the best time for the past 48 hours playing with friends we never get to see. It is essentially like Pictionary via the internet/social media. W drew this picture, but misread the word. He thought it was "window" but it was actually "widow." Too funny.

I've been playing with my sister also. Here is one that she drew this afternoon that was fun.

One friend's word to draw was "Tebowing". I wish I would have snapped a screen shot of his drawing. Priceless! If you are on Draw Something, leave your user ID in the comments :)

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Stephanie Trapp said...

How wonderful you have someone to help you get started in gardening! My dad has a garden every year & I'm always asking him questions about it. I have yet to plant my own but hope to once we move somewhere more permanately. I'd love to hear any great tips you learn!