Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Genesis

Last week, my husband and I were talking during an hour's car ride to a nearby town. Having two small children, a car ride is often the most consistent conversation we have. We were talking about some of the deeper things in our hearts, and I shared with him that I feel parenting is one of my few "strengths". However, in a world of technology and higher education, it often seems this role is downplayed. I'm one of a hand full of mothers in our small town who stay home with their children; and I often feel looked down upon because of that. It is a sacrifice - but hear my heart: the worth far outweighs the cost. I often beat myself up because many of the women I know with children live luxurious lives, and on those days I have to remind myself of the worth. The things of this world will pass away, but teaching my children to hear the voice of God, to know His love, these things are eternal.

In the midst of this conversation, my husband encouraged me to start a blog with some parenting moments. Now, if you know my crew at all - at this point the humorous side will most likely prevail. I want to share with you though a bit of our lives - and pray that you may somehow be encouraged.

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