Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

To our little man, T-Pup! He is 3 today. Wow. How time flies! As I look back over the last year, here are a few things that come to mind...

-Sam. When she was born, W's parents brought T-Pup to the hospital to see us. He was so mad at us. He wouldn't touch me or look at me, and when W picked him up, he slapped him in the face. I guess having your only child syndrome taken away is the most traumatic thing that could happen to a little guy.

-Rotavirus. On the last day of our youth ski trip, February 24, T-Pup woke up terribly sick. Needless to say, that was only day 1 of a 5 day bout with rotavirus. Those were by far the hardest days I've ever experienced as a parent. Sam was only 4 months, and T-Pup was vomiting and well...the other... constantly. Wow, it still shakes me to remember how sick he was. I still thank God for the friends that help get me through those days.

-Potty training. We did it! At first I fought and fought with him, then just decided to give it up. Sure enough, one day in April he said he wanted to use the potty. The rest is history. I'm so glad this is behind us and not still in front of us!

-Beginning to believe. About 2 months ago, I was giving T-Pup a bath. All of a sudden, he looked up at me and said "Mommy, where does Jesus live?" and I (taken off guard... we had just been discussing Elmo and Ernie) said "Right here bud, in your heart" and pointed to his chest. He replied, without skipping a beat, "oh yeah, that's right. Jesus is in my heart. And God, too". Also, a few weeks ago W took T-Pup to his bedroom to tuck him in. They said prayers, and all of a sudden T-Pup said "umm Daddy, is that Jesus?" and pointed behind W. W said he reluctantly turned around, of course didn't see anything, and turned back to T-Pup (obviously a little taken aback) and said "come Lord Jesus!" and tucked him in.

It's so amazing to me to consider the development that has happened, and has yet to happen. We're still working on fits of him not getting what he wants, of sitting still and listening, of being instantly obedient.

But I'm encouraged, because I'm still working on the same things within myself.

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megan stout said...

love you dearly M!

and the song How He loves us---Amazing. have you seen cardboard testimonies? look it up on youtube if you havent already.