Saturday, September 6, 2008


I absolutely love the changing of the seasons. I especially love when the whisperings of fall come around. I look forward to fall more than any other season. It rained all day yesterday, and was overall kind of dreary, but still hot. Nonetheless, it got me thinking about fall - so I made a big pot of chili. I told W we needed to cut the AC way down so we could be cold while we ate the hot chili, haha. Anyway, this morning I am proud to say our AC is completely off. The windows are open. I have a delicious smelling mulled cider candle burning. And that chili, was perfect for lunch. I'm such a nerd, I know... I just love fall. I think I'm going to bake some banana bread muffins this afternoon to continue in celebration of fall... and catch some Auburn football.

This morning W took T-Pup to the Home Depot for the Kid's Workshop. This has been tradition in our house for the past 6 months the first Saturday of every month. Anyway, today they made this dude. Answer this for me - how do you teach a 3 year old to thump? He is getting frustrated and throwing the paper football through the goal. I'm sure it's frustrating, but it sure is funny to watch. I can't wait until he is big enough to actually play pop warner football.

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