Thursday, October 23, 2008


T-Pup has been studying Abraham for the past few weeks in Sunday School. The first story was the one of he, Sarai, and Lot moving to Canaan. This past week was about Issac's birth. I absolutely love the curriculum they use - it is perfect for 3 year olds. Anyway, the scripture both weeks has been Genesis 12:2 - "I will bless you". He had this down pat the first time we practiced it. I got to thinking this weekend - this child can sing the theme song to Higglytown Heroes and Handy Manny - he can handle the full version of the scripture. So, this morning I started working with him on it. This is the full scripture:

I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and
make your name great; and you shall be a blessing.

For whatever reason, all I could get out of my son for the first 10 minutes was the following...

I will make you a great poop.

It really was funny at first - but then I tried to encourage more respect for God's word. Then I just got frustrated with his continued sillyness - just for the sake of being silly. I eventually told him he couldn't get off the couch until he said it, so 10 minutes later we conquered it. Little boys will be little boys!

I am so so so proud and grateful to say that my brother is home, safe and sound. Our trip was wonderful (short - but very full) and I'm so incredibly thankful I was able to go. Thanks to the ones of you who prayed for him while he was in Iraq. It looks like he will be on a MEU float (marine expeditionary unit / naval ship) outside of Afghanistan this summer.


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