Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I really don't know about you, but I find humor in the smallest things. I've come to realize that my humor is dry - and often times not funny to anyone else at all. If I find it funny though, does it really matter if someone else is laughing? I'm used to being the odd one out - so no big news there.

Anyway, there is a small story to my ramblings. Last night was the Colts and Titans game. Seriously around this state, that is equivalent to the words Super Bowl. You know Tennessee loves Peyton, and you know we love the Titans... so put two and two together = big deal. W said he wanted us to have some 'football food' and watch the game. He specifically requested rotel cheese dip, so I decided to also pick up a pizza (for the kids). All of this to say, when we were waiting at Little Ceasar's (I know it's the "cheap" pizza - but I love their cheese!) a big 'ole pimped out blazer pulls up next to us with their bass thumpin'... loud. Incredibly loud... annoyingly loud... point made? Anyway, T-Pup says "Mommy! What is that?!" and I reply "it's the car's music... it's really loud..." and before I could finish he says "But Mommy! It sounds like a monster at pizza hut playing the tuba!"

If you just read that and barely smirked, made the little "hm!" sound, or less... you are one of the many who don't understand my humor -- because I laughed for what seemed like minutes.

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Hugs said...

I laughed out loud, you know it!
I can't wait to have stories like that!