Tuesday, January 13, 2009


How about something a little bit different tonight? Here are some digits for your viewing pleasure...

750 - number of Christmas lights on our tree this year

54 - number of months we've be married

60 - number of fingernails/toenails I am responsible for

25 - number of pounds I would like to lose

18 - number of months I've been pregnant

1 - number of televisions in our house

6 - loads of laundry I do each week

3 - gallons of milk we go through each week

33 - months I've spent nursing children (and counting)

6 - nights a week I wake up sometime between 2-4am

6 - months until our big anniversary trip to Boston

3 - other people sleeping in my house right now

1 - wondering why in tarnation she is still awake.

5 - blogs I follow each week

16 - number of states I've visited

1 - international trip to South America

11 - days since I've eaten fried food

3 - number of political campaigns I've worked for

2 - number of vehicles I've owned in my life

4 - number of cities I've lived in

... oh what fun things you can do in the middle of the night! No really; I seriously need to start sleeping better because I am a slacker of a mom in the day if I don't rest at night. Any suggestions? I've tried tylenol PM, calm's forte, and many many prayers... still awake at night. Yawn...

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