Thursday, January 29, 2009

Glory Days...

**Correction** This was not the election night like I thought. Give me a break people, it's been years! This was after the televised debate that we stood outside of cheering for Riley for hours. The day of the election I stood outside campaigning in the rain, got incredibly sick, and slept for the next 36 hours without food or bathroom (ahem, just in case you wanted to know that much...).

Oh, the joys of Facebook. A friend tagged me in this photo and I about fell out of my chair. Then I instantly went to the land of nostalgia. You see, this was the night the former Congressman, to be announced a few hours later, Governor was elected. This represents a time in my life that I am so proud of. I realized I was going to school and working, yet not working for the greater good of the world in any way. I found a leader I believed in and worked my tail off with my collegiate peers to have him elected. The organization I was employed by had a PAC that actively supported Riley, and was instrumental in several of his larger fundraisers. I was merely the file girl at this established organization, but I made my grassroot efforts known to the CEO one day (while dropping files in his office, nonetheless) and he did all he could to support my smaller efforts from that point forth. I was the Riley girl. I would go to school, go to work, then go to the local campaign office and call college students. I went to rallys, birthday partys, and best of all to see Riley alongside other GOP leaders and welcome President Bush to AL in October of 2002.

Those were great days. I felt like I was important (which whether I was or not is obsolete, I'm sure he could have won without me!) and a sense of importance gives some security to oneself. Fast forward 7 years. I know I am important now! Maybe not to you, but to three individuals that reside the closest to my heart, the ones my heart loves... my husband and our children. I have the opportunity to pour into these lives daily, to love them, to speak life, to train them in the ways of God. I am his wife, I am their mama; and these, I would not trade for all of the glory in the world.

So yes, I did take a stroll to the land of nostalgia; but the stroll back was all the more sweet. Ephesians 5:16 says "Redeem the time, for the days are evil"; another version says "make the best of today, for the days are evil". Today is all we have. Make the most of it, for today is a glory day.

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