Monday, November 15, 2010


What's the difference between a bulldog and hockey mom?

This girl is a mess. Oh, speaking of "mess," this summer when my brother returned from his deployment I was talking with two women and Sam came running up to me. I picked her up and introduced her, and at that moment she was quite the entertainer. I looked at Sam and said "you're a mess!" One of the women said "she's a mess? she doesn't look like a mess!" I was reminded we often speak a slightly different version of English here in the south.

I hope at least one person laughed at the Sarah Palin reference about the lipstick. I watched (and incessantly tweeted) about "Sarah Palin's Alaska" last night. I loved the show. How amazing would it be to take your children salmon fishing amongst bears? Or randomly say "Hey, kid! Let's go climb Mt. McKinley today!" It's the part of me that wants to be completely outfitted in Gore Tex boots, North Face clothes with a Marmot jacket and drink water from a Nalgene bottle all day. And apparently work at REI.

Then I got to thinking last night... "oh no, I don't want my whole 34 Twitter followers to think I'm a SP devotee" so I tried to clear myself of any political admiration of her (in less than 140 characters!). But truly, I do admire her. Agree with all of the political stuff? Nah. But as I claimed last night, there is life outside of politics.

And here was our weekend:

And we did it all without Gore Tex, North Face, or Marmot!

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Melanie said...

looks like yall had fun!!! <3 I've had someone say that to me too about the "mess" thing. I think it's hilarious that people speak so many different versions of slang and stuff that we don't understand each other.