Thursday, November 11, 2010


The last month in pictures.

T-Pup played his best season of soccer ever. Of course, playing with dirt and rocks before the game helped his mind get in the game.

Sam turned 3. The week before her birthday party, her big brother went to spend the night with his grandparents. He quickly said "I'll pack my backpack!" and little Sam declared the injustice of the world that she didn't have a backpack. I reminded myself Christmas would be an opportune time to help a backpack needing sister out. But alas, her dear aunt surprised us at the birthday party.

"I can now unleash gangster moves out of my backpack. Come closer and I'll show you."

Iron Man (or for those of you who are blessed to see behind the armor, Tony Stark) came to see us for some trick or treating. He had his helmet and a smaller mask that came with the costume. He said "I'm scared to wear my real helmet because people will think I'm here to save the world, and I don't have time this weekend." Yes Iron Man, we know you are a busy man.

And also spotted trick or treating was a sweet little butterfly. And by sweet I certainly do not mean screaming until your butterfly parents agree that butterflies can take their wings off.

It's so hard to believe that it's November now and thus the beginning of our holiday season. It also means that W's semester is coming to a close, and can we all shout "THANK YOU JESUS" because my word, it has been a behemoth.

I challenge you to decide which of these photos were taken with my iPhone and various apps, and which were taken with W's fancy pants camera.

What's going on with you?


Melanie said...

hi chelle!!!!! i miss you!
the kids are getting sooo sooo sooo big! and SA with her sweet little backpack, those pictures are DARLING! <3

So glad Whit's school is coming to an end (even if its just to start again huh?) Yay for holidays!

Love you!

Stephanie Trapp said...

Such beautiful pictures of your beautiful kiddos! I'm so sorry to hear this semester has been rough. I hope the last few weeks go well and that you all have a fabulous holiday break! Will the next semester be his last one? Hang in there! It really will be all over before you know it!