Sunday, April 5, 2009


Or Fami-LEE. Just wanted to type it out since we're closely nearing 10 years since the good 'ole days.

We spent the day yesterday with my sister and her family, including her precious new son. He is one month old but still so wee little and snuggly. He already loves his dear aunt (in the spirit of Fami-Lee, say it with me: un-tee for aunt; thank you). This is a glimpse of our time together.

PS: W and D are hiding behind the camera.

PPS: Are you surprised?


Melanie said...

awwww addison has grown so much!!! and look at thomas and SA!!!!!! so cute!!!
and i see a tiny bit of baby snuggles going on but where are real pics of the baby!!!!!!

glad you guys had fun!

Hugs said...

We are fami-LEE! I love it. And the kids are gorgeous. I expect nothing less. :)