Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

T-Pup: I need to poop

Me: Ok, go take care of your business.

(20 minutes pass)

Me: Hey bud, did ya poop?
T-Pup: No ma'am, I decided I'll just wait till tomorrow.

Let's say a prayer that he does not inherit my procrastination. Sometimes there is no use in prolonging the inevitable. My brother is coming to stay with us for Easter this weekend and I have a mile long list of things I need to do before then. I am fighting exhaustion and also have some heavy things on my heart, so scrubbing bathrooms and dusting aren't really on my "excited to do list" but they are on the "to do list" so I might as well get 'em done (wow, I was just tempted to write get 'er done. And I just did, parenthetically speaking.).

So why am I still sitting here? And why am I singing the old Garth Brooks song about tomorrow never coming? Geeze Louise... I need sleep.

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Melanie said...

girl you sound exhausted!!! I hope you guys have a blast this weekend,I'll be partying it up on the beach! Can't wait!!!! love you chica