Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Love

I have new found love. And it's not even expensive! I started glancing around Etsy a few months ago, but only glancing. I would search for a particular item and see all the lovely handmade, homemade things that would pop up. We all know I love MckMama. Many of the Etsy sellers are donating proceeds to the Mck family fund in order to support Stellan's medical situation. I thought this would be a great way to help. I placed two orders; one for a little blue and brown hairbow and the other for a flip-flop t-shirt/hairbow combo. The second order came today (from seller Simply Chic Bebe) and it is so adorable. I placed the order on Monday - today is Thursday! I will be shopping Etsy plenty to come in the future! And of course here is a picture of little Sam modeling her new simply chic couture!

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Melanie said...

that is just adorable!!!!